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My First Blog Post

CoasterLily Dana Scully ebay reviews first blog ever Why I'm on shopify

My first blog post...ever. This CoasterLily shopify store was created while on a one week suspension from eBay for listing tiles with Dana Scully on them. Ok...

I just want a place where I can sell my tiles with art that I like, which somehow turns out to mostly be album covers. I am willing to put whatever anyone wants on them, but guess what? That's almost always record covers!

Since this is a new store with no history, those of you that may care can check out my eBay store at to read my reviews if you want reassurance:)  Please come back here to shop though!

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  • Jess on

    I have purchased over a hundred of these tiles (all custom ordered) and have already put my order in for the next set! These tiles are more than just coasters. They are literally works of art and Audrey is a true artisan. These tiles are awesome!! You will not be disappointed.

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